Rutland Convector Fire

The Rutland is an open inset convector fire with an efficiency rating of over 50% which far exceeds that of an ordinary open fire which has an efficiency rating of around 10%.
The Rutland is a double skinned, heavy steel space heater which recuperates the heat normally lost up the chimney. This is achieved by finned heat exchanger within the double walls. It maximises the heat from any fuel and warms the whole room with convected warm air. The fire also cures most smoke problems and is easy to install into any fireplace, new or existing.

The Rutland features;-

  • An adjustable flue damper which can be closed when not in use
  • Double side walls, maximising the Heat Exchange area
  • Wood burning tray with a choice of log retaining frets
  • Coal Grate with replaceable cast iron inserts
  • Safe hook-on SPARKGUARD
  • Choice of 15 standard sizes
  • Choice of frame shape – straight, curved, Tudor
  • Choice of frame widths – 50, 60, 65, 75, 100mm
  • ‘Made-to-Measure’ facility
  • Air Supply Flap in the base to utilise outside air if required

Output  variable depending on fire size
Net Efficiency  50%
Construction  plate steel
Flue Size  180mm (7″) minimum
Grate Type  wood burning tray or coal grate
Guarantee  10 years
Additional Finishes  straight, curved or Tudor
Max Log Length  variable depending on fire size
Boilers available  no

DIMENSIONS – variable depending on model and size. Please contact us for further details on sizing. Made-to-Measure option is also available.