Ecodesign Ready stoves

From 2022 new legislation will control the sale of stoves with the intention of lowering emissions and improving air quality.  A number of UK stove manufacturers are already making stoves aimed at these new more stringent tests, and these have been labelled as SIA Ecodesign Ready. The following stoves are the ones that we stock that are already meeting these requirements:

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Many of these stoves are wood burners only, but the models that still comply with Ecodesign levels whilst using multifuel are:

Charnwood:  Arc 5 and 7, Skye 5 and 7, All New Island I and II, C-four insert.

Morsø:  4412, 4442, 4441, 3440, 3410, 3142, 1442, 1412, 04, S11-40, S11-42, S11-43, S81-90, 3112.

Woodwarm:  All their Ecodesign stoves are multifuel.