Stove Thermometers

These high temperature thermometers are designed to give you important control information for wood and multi-fuel burning conditions.
Available in both stovepipe and stovetop versions they help indicate the optimal burning conditions for your stove enabling you to operate it safely and efficiently. (Please note the stovepipe version is not suitable for use with a twin-wall chimney.)
The three zones indicate conditions as follows;-

  1. Under-firing which causes incomplete combustion resulting in a dirty  chimney and inefficient use of fuel.
  2. Optimal temperature range when the stove is operating most cleanly and efficiently.
  3. Over-firing when the stove is being over-heated which may cause damage to the stove and also wastes wood as much of the heat produced goes up the chimney.

We stock a range of reliable, branded stove thermometers, but stock often changes.