Stove Spares

The supply of stove spares is dealt with in different ways depending on the stove manufacturer and model. We supply or can order spare parts for any of the brands we deal with. Please note we do not supply spares for brand names we have no relationship with.

Please read the information below to find out what is most relevant to your situation;-
Woodwarm –  We hold most Woodwarm spares in stock including; door seals, door glass, grate bars, baffle plates, fire bricks, log fences, door closing mechanisms. Any other spares can be ordered and are usually delivered quickly. It is worth calling us before making a special trip out to ensure we have everything in stock.
Charnwood – Charnwood offer an excellent spares service direct from their website with exploded diagrams for easy parts identification. In the first instance we recommend that you contact Charnwood direct since they will get the items to you more quickly than if you were to order them through us. However if you get stuck or wish to discuss your order with us then we will be happy to help.
Morso – We hold a select range of the most common Morso spares (mainly for Squirrels) including; door seals, fire bricks, baffle plates, door glass, replacement grates. Anything that is not in stock can be ordered through us and then either collected or we can post on to you.
Other Spares – For any other spares please contact us on 01631 720539 for further information. We do not hold many spares for the less commonly sold stoves and will need to order these direct from the manufacturer. Please be aware than some spares orders, (e.g. Franco Belge) often take up to 3 months to be shipped due to inefficient supply chains which we are unable to influence.
Door Glass – glass can either be obtained through us,  from your stove manufacturer (Charnwood) or generally much more cheaply and quickly from Donside Heating’s website: where they cut glass to any size and shape.