Morsø Squirrel 1412 / 1442

Morso Squirrel 1412 StoveWith the needs of the environment in mind, coupled with the desire to meet the world’s most stringent environmental requirements, Morsø has significantly improved the combustion system of its true classic – the widely known Squirrel stove.

The Morso Squirrel 1412 and 1442 convector fires up quickly and effectively. Its firebox is fitted with a tertiary air chamber supplying additional combustion air directly above the flame. This additional air ensures secondary combustion of any smoke and gases giving maximum efficiency and minimal particle and CO emissions into the atmosphere.

The Morsø 1412 has an exceptional viewing window for such a small multi-fuel cast iron stove. Despite its compact design, the stove has a powerful 5kw rated output making it ideal for a country cottage or city living.

The Morsø 1442 stove’s convection process ensures swift and evenly distributed heating throughout the room. The size of the stove makes it ideal for fairly small homes, weekend cottages and similar, and ensures that both the fuel and the stove are utilised optimally.

Both models are equipped with a riddling grate and ash pan, which makes it easy to remove the ash and clean the stove. Morsø’s air wash system will maintain a clear glass, maximising your enjoyment of the stove. The side panels of this iconic model are still decorated with Morsø’s classic squirrel motif or alternatively with ribbed sides. Three leg lengths are available with the shortest as standard.

Clearance to combustibles to the rear is only 100mm meaning it is a good option when looking to install a stove which requires a twin-wall chimney.

Morsø Squirrel 1412

Morsø Squirrel 1442

SPECIFICATIONS – Morsø 1412 / 1442 Squirrel

Output  5.3kW
Net Efficiency  83%
Clean Burn Airwash Technology  yes
Ecodesign Ready  yes
Construction  cast iron, ceramic glass
Flue Outlet  top and rear
Flue Size  125mm (5″)
Grate Type  multifuel grate
Guarantee  10 years
Additional Finishes  black only / leg options / squirrel or ribbed sides
Max Log Length  280mm
Boilers available  no


1412 1442
Height  546mm 715mm
Width  388mm 388mm
Depth  368mm 368mm
Height to centre of rear flue  439mm 606mm
Depth to centre of top flue  125mm 125mm
Model type  radiant convector